Sunday, October 18, 2009

Clematis koreana ?


Helen said...

Barry, Thanks for visiting us over at Toronto Gardens. I'm taking a course right now with Marion at the TBG -- planning for the small, shady city garden, which was me to a T.

I took those pictures on Thursday after a meeting with a client (freezing my fingers off). While I was there, I noticed all the Master Gardeners strolling about with Paul Zammit and Marjorie Harris. We were the only people in the gardens... it was great.

Thanks for the trees presenation info. I'll add it as an update to the blog.

Helen said...

Missed a "t" in there: presentation!

beautifulbotany said...

Hi Barry! We see each other from time to time at the TBG (you're usually with Marjorie) and, of course, I've visited your lovely garden. I came to you via a search for C. koreana, which I id'd after shooting it at the U of Guelph Arboretum yesterday. It was alive with honey bees, the point of my photo shoot. And yes, your clematis looks more C. koreana-ish than C. japonica-ish, which seems to have a longer, more slender "lanterns". Alas, I took not note of foliage, so only going by flower. Janet