Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Helen said...

Barry, Great stuff -- but can you label the images? I've already forgotten the name of that silvery rosette of leaves. Cheers!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Helen,
I will try to label my images in future ( not sure how to do that) but in the meantime: the Sedum, looks like a particularly red form of S. tetractinum ??? The second, the Arum is A.italicum 'Cameleon' and the third is Glaucium leiocarpum. I hope the little seedling I gave you survived, if not I'll find another for you.

Sunita said...

I love the plump squishable feel of succulents. That plant in the last photo is so interesting. Great texture!
And, Barry, thanks so much for dropping by my blog today. Which part of India did you travel to when you were here? Yes, I think this calls for a lot of interesting discussions. You have a great blog here and I'm waiting to read your other blogs too.

Barry Parker said...

Sunita, Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you liked the succulents etc.
In 1989 I was a guest lecturer ion the Animation Dept. at NID in Ahmedabad for two months, then in 1994 spent 4 months, again at NID, as part of my sabbatical. Also in 1992 I was on the Jury ( a token Animator) of the Bombay Int. Film Festival. I've been back twice since on short, stressful business trips in 2004 and 2005... not great visits. Next time I plan just to enjoy myself.

Helen said...

Barry, To label the images in an otherwise all-photo post, just write a line of text under each photo. Or an overall caption, just as you did here in your comments.

In a longer post, you could set off the caption from the rest of the narrative by changing the type size or putting the caption in italics... or even just setting it off in brackets.

Glaucium leiocarpum! Once seen, I'll never forget. Thanks!

Barry Parker said...

thanks Helen, I'm just a novice at this and glad of any help.