Sunday, November 29, 2009


Helen of Toronto Gardens recent post on Fall colour on Geraniums, has brought out in me the dormant geraniaphile.

I love Geraniums, Pelargoniums and Erodiums, but I have taken them for granted lately and they have become wallpaper in my garden (horticulturally speaking). So even though it's late in the season, I decided to look at this group again.

My choice for outstanding Fall colour is Geranium sanguineum, this plant I grew from seed from package marked G.sanguineum 'mixed colours'. I got a number of plants from this source, and the colours certainly did vary, but very subtlety.


Helen said...

Yes, the leaves of G. sanguineum also colour nicely for me. However, mine are the standard magenta, which I'm not crazy about – and which unfortunately blooms with the bright yellow lemon lilies, Hemerocallis flava. They're both very dependable, which that particular spot sometimes has to do. But clash! Oh, boy.

Barry Parker said...

How about replacing it with G. sanguineum alba?

Helen said...

Yes, I'm tempted by 'Alba' and the light pink one that's sort of striated; can't remember the name. (Argh. Just looked it up. Oddly enough, it's G. sanguineum var. striatum!)

Next year is when I begin the transformation, so we'll see what unfolds.