Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hardiness -Agave

I'm sure I'm not alone in fretting about tender plants that are still outside. I still have Pelargoniums and Kalanchoe sitting right next to the back door, but just haven't gotten around to bringing them in. Perhaps subconsciously I want to rid myself of the plants that I can no longer  handle?Last year I had the same problem with four large Agave, bringing them in seemed so daunting as they really are a problem indoors once they pass a certain size. I tried to ignore them for the longest time, and then it snowed, and they remained in the snow for several days. Finally I felt guilty enough to drag them inside, and I have to say that three of the four survived. Of course if they had been subjected to prolonged sub-zero weather it would not have been such a happy ending.


Helen said...

You're going to have to get a bigger greenhouse!

James Missier said...

Though its not a nice thing to do with agave - they still look very "cool" in those pictures.
Hope they do survive

Barry Parker said...

James- Yes 3 out of 4 survived. This was just for a short period and so they weren't exposed to prolonged sub-zero temps.