Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hardy Cyclamen

Four years ago David Leeman and I started germinating Cyclamen seed in my greenhouse. David was then a member of the Cyclamen Society in the UK and was able to get hold of seed from some very good cultivars. 
 It's turned out to be a very exciting venture as every plant and every year has brought something new to observe and experience.  In the first year we were amazed to see the tiny plants form, they were immediately  recognizable as Cyclamen. In the second year we realized the incredible variety in leaf forms and patterns that most Cyclamen exhibit and in year three they started to bloom! This year I've planted many of those plants outdoors, these are the reliably hardy one C. hederifolium and C. coum, and also kept some select plants in pots for the greenhouse along with tender species that would not survive in zone 6.

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Helen said...

Barry, The foliage array on these cyclamen is just stunning.