Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Geraniacae

Geraniums are often referred to as 'Hardy Geraniums' to distinguish them from their cousins the rather tender Pelargoniums. The truth is, that not all geraniums are hardy( i.e. cold hardy) and not all Pelargoniums are tender.

G. Maderense is from Madeira and in zone 6 has to be wintered over in the greenhouse.. I only wish I could get it to bloom, as this is a wonderful sight in early Spring, however it is worth growing as it is a wonderful foliage plant.

Pelargonium endlicherianum has proven to be hardy, but a bit tricky to get through the winter. I've tried several times without success, but my last plant has survived the winter of 2008-09. It is planted in a trough devoted to small Geraniums and Erodiums, all of which seem happily coexisting as happy family unit. I will try to document the over-wintering of this little plant and hope to show it in bloom next Summer.


Helen said...

Oooo, what a striking plant is G. maderense! (I wish Blogger would show the post and the comments at the same time -- I know I was going to comment on something else, too).

Barry Parker said...

It is a wonderful plant, maybe this year it will bloom?