Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Even More Geraniaceae

I Just wanted to round off my earlier posts by including a picture of one of the other Geraniaceae cousin, Erodium corsicum.

It is presently blooming away in the greenhouse. It is planted in a blue bonsai dish along with a number of other erodiums and small geraniums.

I'm also posting an image of a new introduction Erodium 'Freedom'. It looks very promising, having the foliage of E. corsicum as well as the veined and spotted flowers of other Erodium forms.


James Missier said...

Thank you Barry for visiting my garden & your comment. Really appreciate it.

Hope to hear more from you time to time.

Geranium is a bit of a difficult plant to have in my place, they die fast and when they are maintained, they just barely survive. Good luck with them.

Barry Parker said...

Hi James,
I guess Malaysia is too humid for most of the Geranium family. Is it drier in the Highlands?

James Missier said...

That is the funny thing about climate in Malaysia. There are colder small region in Malaysia where tea plantation where grown.
Most of these geranium where planted there & sold in the city but the plant last just few weeks.