Thursday, December 24, 2009

Green Streets

I've just returned from a couple of days in Montreal. It was generally five or six degrees colder there and so when I got back to Toronto, it was good to be reminded of the gentler climate we have here. One result of this balmy weather ( relatively speaking) is that many stores and green grocers in particular, have produce outside. You don't see this in Montreal, but here there is always a bountiful display enlivening the street-scape. And especially now at Christmas time when the sidewalks turn into gardens of trees, greenery, flowers and berries.


VP said...

Barry - thanks for commenting over at Helen's re plantsmanship on landscape design courses, it's much appreciated :)

VP said...

PS - I also meant to say that this has given me an idea for the next Out on the Streets session, for people to find really good retailer displays using plant materials. Thanks!

James Missier said...

so do you have snow in your place?
How is winter - its it just a gentle chill or a the frightening frost - most gardeners hate them?

Barry Parker said...

VP.. I felt that I had ranted a bit too much ( very easy for me), but glad you appreciated it.
I would like to hear more about Out on the Streets.

James, Yes we have snow, and right now and I think you'd call it a gentle chill. It is above zero for the first time for several days. Toronto is relatively balmy for this part of the world, particularly for people like me who live close to the Lake ( Ontario) which moderates the climate and gives us warmer winters and cooler summers.