Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lithops at Kew

I wish I could claim to have grown this Lithops, in fact I photographed it at Kew last month.


Helen said...

Love lithops, but have never seen it in flower. Other than Kew, have you? (Sounds like a line from a silly song.) I know they have many in the cactus house at Allan Gardens.

Barry Parker said...

I belong to the Toronto Cactus and Succulent Club ( I a bit of a joiner). and they have some excellent growers who bring their plants into bloom. I'm always asking for advice, but it seems to me like some incomprehensible alchemy.
I think you have to have the sticking power to keep them very dry during the summer, however desperate they look. and then start watering again in September. They should then bloom in October.