Friday, December 11, 2009

Over-Wintering Tender Plants- Under Lights

I wouldn't call myself a "fair-weather gardener", but I have to admit that the cold winds and the serious sub-zero weather have turned my attention to my indoor garden activities.
All my tender plants spend as much time outdoors as possible this can be as much as from April to November. In fact I've only in the last two weeks moved some Pelargoniums indoors ( although they have spent the late Fall close to the house against a south facing wall).
I have three ways of wintering this group of plants. The first is under lights in my basement. Usually these are the smaller succulents that can fit close to the lights and benefit from maximum exposure. I also plan to create a taller space under lights for Pelargoniums, that are perhaps, a little too tender for the greenhouse.


James Missier said...

I notice you got a good collection of agaves. Its sure lovely to see them grow.
But aren't they slow growers?

Barry Parker said...

They are slow growers, but I see this as an advantage as the older larger ones take up a lot of space and are difficult to handle.