Saturday, December 12, 2009

Over Wintering Tender Plants- Windows

I have a collection of large Agave and Aloe which spends it's Summer on the deck on third floor of my house. This faces directly South and gives them a lot of bright light for a greater part of the day. In the Summer months, when at ground level the garden has fallen into shade, the evening sun shines brightly on the deck unaffected by the shadows of tall trees and neighbouring buildings.

As Winter approaches, I'm fortunate, again, when I can carry these heavy pots a short distance into the window-well that leads out to the deck. This provides a perfect Winter haven for these plants,this location provides lots of light and is relatively cool. I water them sparingly during these months and last year I was rewarded numerous blooms on my Aloe plicatilis.


James Missier said...

ohh.. sharp pointly leaves.

Barry Parker said...

Yes, a good idea is to wear protective eye wear when handling them.