Saturday, June 6, 2009

Agave seedlings.
Large Agaves winter over in third floor window/
More Agaves
This was how the side of the house looked in 1986. Notice the bulk-head that covered steps into the basement, which came in handy when I built a greenhouse on this site ( more about this soon).
This shows the beginning of the stone wall( I wasted no time to add a bit of ornament in the form of a shallow urn). 
It was exciting to cut the circle in the grass to create  the lawn that still exists in the centre of the garden. I can recommend circle making, it has a wonderful mystical feeling and is a thoroughly satisfying activity.
This a history of the making of this garden. This image is taken from an old slide, so the quality is not the greatest. It shows the garden as it was when we moved in in 1986. 
Notice the lozenge-shaped "Rockery"behind the garden chair. It was made, I think to hide a load of building waste ( I still dig up shovelfuls of plaster occasionally). The stone in the Rockery came in useful to build the dry walls that helped divide the garden into three distinct areas.
Early Spring.

winter 2009

This is the garden in the dead of winter.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Autumn 2008

Although it's June 2009, it's worth looking back to the Autumn as a reminder of the ethereal nature of gardening.