Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Geraniaceae Inside

Inside the greenhouse the living is easy. There are many things in bloom as the days get longer. The Geraniaceae family again are quick off the mark to get going. Erodium pelargonifolium has started to bloom and E. reichardii has sent out one tentative double flower. In a pan of Semperviviums a self-seeded E. species (maritimum?) has formed a lovely rosette of fresh new leaves. The Geranium maderense is also sending out new growth from the nodes of the older leaves.


Teza said...

A genus that I simply must pay more attention to. I remember there being one at Lost Horizons that was most beguiling..... variegated... oh the name escapes me, Hinkley raved about it nonetheless, and I recall another one 'Blue Sunshine' or thereabouts. I do love G.p. 'Springtime' with its marbled green cream and pink foliage - sadly, the only one I have in the garden at the moment.

Barry Parker said...

"Springtime' sounds interesting.Phaeum is a lovely form, very elegant, especially the white forms.
At the moment I'm interested in the smaller species cinereum, argenteum and their hybrids. But I do grow the larger species, a favourite is 'Nimbus', it has lovely foliage and a long blooming period, a great filler plant. And I know it's everywhere and a favourite of landscapers, but I do love 'Rozanne', particularly in the Fall when the cold nights turn the flowers a vivid blue.

James Missier said...

Those Geraniums look so hardy and strong. Wish I could grow them well in my place.
Do they produce seeds?

Barry Parker said...

They usually produce lots of seed. Except for G. maderense which I haven't been able to get to flower yet.
If you're interested I could send you some seed, later in the year.

Teza said...

I know this isn't the best place to resond regarding your query about Phytolacca, so forgive the intrusion into the world of Geraniaceae -

Larry Davidson has P.a 'Silberstein' in one of his test gardens behind the hoop houses - the variegated foliage and the deep blood red stems..... simply smashing. I think its taller than P.a is it not? I am still trying to find a spot for one! Thanks for visiting!

Barry Parker said...

No problem. I was afraid I was scaring everyone away with all this Geranium talk.

I can't remember too much about 'Silberstein' it was a couple of years ago that I grew it and killed it. Seeing your plant, I think I would end up liking the regular form better. Something to look out for next year. However I will start "Silberstein' from seed and see what turns out from this batch.

I also have grown from seed succulent form of Pytolacca from Mexico, basically a small shrub that in time forms a caudex. I keep it out of curiosity,but it is a very slow grower.