Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Geraniaceae Outside

I was surprised to see how well some of the Geraniaceae family have fared outside this winter. I have a trough planted with small Geraniums, Erodiums and even the hardy Pelargonium endlicherianum. They all look in good shape, in fact one of the Geraniums, a cinereum cultivar, seems completely unharmed by the recent sub-zero weather. The Pelargonium too, looks relatively lively.


James Missier said...

The last picture look so pityful.
I would not able to help myself from uprooting it and replanting it.
IT look so much like a begonia plant.

Barry Parker said...

Actually James, I'm quite pleased with that plant. It's the only Pelargonium that is hardy to this climate, and the fact that it's still alive is very pleasing to me right now. I hope I can follow up this post with another this Summer when it's in bloom.