Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last day in St.Lucia

My trip to St. Lucia is still fresh in my mind, so I'm posting these last few images I took before leaving. They are taken on the organic farm that my friend David manages, and where I was lucky enough to stay during this holiday.
They include the lovely planting of Cosmos sulphureus that greets you when you drive up to the farm. I've also included pictures of some sort of mallow ( I should know exactly what this is as I gave David the seed) and a passion flower. Finally a picture of David (on the left) with the very lovable Moxie and myself with the very silly Fruvus.


Helen said...

What an incredible setting against those mountains. And I love the turquoise door, which has a personal resonance. I can still vividly recall our turquoise door at the Cotswolds farmhouse where our family lived before we emigrated to Canada.

Barry Parker said...

It was incedible, the light made everything so vivid. Very different from the Cotswolds ( and certainly less regulated).