Friday, January 15, 2010

Lucky Bamboo

This poor plant had become wallpaper for me, that is to say that its presence was so taken for granted that I hardly notice it. But today, maybe because the sun was backlighting it, that I realized I had a large plant guarding my front door, and even more noticeable was the fact that it was green ! In January!
This Bamboo (Phyll0stachys not sure of species) has stayed in a fairly manageable clump for the last seven years. It leaves are green all through the Winter( in Zone 6b) and it's only in the Spring that they drop and are replaced by new shoots.


Shailaja said...

Your bamboo in winter is picture-perfect! Or nearly so -- all it needs is a panda underneath.

Barry Parker said...

I'm afraid the best we can do in this part of the world is a racoon.

Helen said...

Barry, raccoons don't need any such exotic encouragement. A stumpy Manitoba maple makes them quite happy.

Now, being closer to the water table, your bamboo probably has plenty of moisture. Is that part of its secret?

Barry Parker said...

I'm not sure why the bamboo does so well, except perhaps that it's been given time to get established. It certainly gets better with time. I'm planning to divide it this year. I've promised a piece to my neighbour and now I wonder what sort of daunting task I have ahead.

Are racoons ever happy?