Sunday, January 17, 2010

Species Narcissus

I love Narcissus ( well I am a Welshman after all). In the garden I prefer the smaller cultivars, they seem more in scale to a city garden, my favourites are N. cyclameneus and it's hybrids,
For the last couple of years I've been growing N.cylameneus from seed and last Fall planted them out in one of my bog-gardens hoping it will bloom this year. I've also planted N. pseudonarcissus, which I'm looking forward to this Spring.
In the greenhouse I grow a few of the tiny Mediterranean species, N.romieuxii, N. cantabricus and N. cuatrecasasii. I hope to grow more and would appreciate information about their availability in Canada.
N. romieuxii bloomed on Christmas Day (my post for that day) and N. cantabricus is just starting to bloom now. I have a mystery flower in the pot of N. romieuxii, as the two flowers started to fade a third bloomed with a completely different form. I understand that there is a lot of variance in these flowers but this, I feel, must be another species or hybrid. To begin with it has a much paler colour and also a flat corona. I will post a picture of this flower which you can compare with the N.romieuxii on my December 25th post. I am also posting a picture of the lovely white blooms of N. cantabricus.

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bre said...

these are so beautiful and delicate looking - I really love them too!