Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things To Do in Winter- Get out the Books

These books weren't exactly arranged this way, they had accumulated in this order as I pulled them off the shelves. There are a number of bulbous plants in bloom in the greenhouse at the moment and in the excitement of the moment I've been refering to these excellent books to check on growing conditions and to compare my plants to those illustrated. Narcissus, Cyclamen and Veltheimia are some of the plants that are either in bloom or in bud at the moment.


Helen said...

How do you like Bulb... does it live up to its hype? (Unfortunately, I can't see "Bulb" now without seeing it as posted in a comment on Garden Rant, to the infinite embarrassment of the writer: "Blub")

Barry Parker said...

Helen, I do like "Bulb", it seems to cover a lot of species and is pleasant to read.
One infuriating thing is the fact that the North American edition ( or should I say the US edition) shows the USDA zone mark finishing at the 49th parallel.
My favourite bulb book is still "Buried Treasure" by Janis Ruksans.