Monday, January 25, 2010

Things To Do in Winter- Seed Starting

When I got back from St.Lucia a few weeks ago I was excited to see that my friend Erika had picked up my seed order from The Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society seed exchange.
It's been a busy couple of weeks so it's only over this weekend that I've made a start of starting to sow the seeds.
My method is pretty simple, I plant the seed in a commercial soil mix amended with Turface. This gives the soil a light easy draining texture and absorbs and later slowly releases water in the pot. I also sprinkle a layer of Turface on the top of the pot. I then water the pot from the bottom by standing it in a bowl of water.


James Missier said...

What a dedication in the seeds.
I rarely use seeds in my garden, mostly all of them are from cuttings.
Good luck & do update about the seed progress.

Barry Parker said...

Thanks James, I'll definitely keep you updated on the progress of my seed starting.

Kim said...

very Nice Reading..gonna stay tuned in. I love growing from seed.

Barry Parker said...

Kim, Thanks for visiting. I hope I'll have some progress to report in the next few weeks.