Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tropical Harvest

This time last week I was in St Lucia visiting my friend David Leeman who manages an Organic Farm for a well known Eco-resort.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays David and his staff harvest salad greens, as well as tropical fruit, vegetables and flowers. It was with a great sense of achievement that we packed into David's truck and delivered it to the resort, spending the rest of the afternoon on a beautiful beach.


James Missier said...

Ahh.. those soursop. It was unofficially discovered that soursop have some special ingredient for healing cancer.

Hope you had fun time at the beach

Barry Parker said...

Also, so delicious! I love soursop juice.

Helen said...

I was wondering what those green fruits were. Can we find these somewhere in Toronto, do you think?

Barry Parker said...

I'm sure soursop is available in Toronto (maybe at T&T ?). My local Vietnamese restaurant makes soursop milkshakes, and I've seen soursop juice in cans.