Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cyclamen coum

I have a number of cyclamen coum plants that I've selected to grow on in pots. These are from a 2005 sowing of seed from the Cyclamen Society in the UK. I've ended up with a large number of cyclamen of many species, but right now the C. coum are in bloom and are beautiful and mature looking in their fifth year. I'm showing a favourite plant that has been shown in an earlier post when it had developed into a lovely rosette of silvery leaves with distinct markings. I'm showing it again along with an image of how it looks today in full bloom.


Teza said...

These are the images that I should like to accompany me on a daily basis until all of the snow has melted. They are simply stunning treasures, are they not? I must all substance to my sokitary planting this coming year. Much more delightful than the larger species that last a week and then disappear.

Barry Parker said...

They are great, aren't they. There is still one more species, Cyclamen libanoticum, that is still to bloom. I will post s picture of it when it does.

James Missier said...

..Your cyclamen look so beautiful, both the leaves & bloom.
Wonder if these are also known as cyclops - wonder why the flowers look like upside down.

Barry Parker said...

James , the petals are called reflexed when they turn back like this. There is a species of narcissus with reflexed petals and is called N. cyclamineus i.e. narcissus with cyclamen -like flowers.