Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hardy Bamboo

We've just had a day of heavy, wet snow and I was struck by the difference in the quality of snow we had just a few days earlier; that snow was light and dry and settled gently on all surfaces. It was light enough not to weigh the branches of the hardy Bamboo and to dust each leaf with just enough white to give the plant a temporary variegation.


Teza said...

What a wonderful photo, it does indeed look variegated. I added my first clump this past Fall, looking forward to it making the presence that yours does!

Edith Hope said...

Dear Barry, It has taken me rather a while to track your site down again, but happily I have once more found you and have now signed up as a 'Follower' so I do not miss you a second time.

I am now able to see quite clearly the quantity of snow you are still experiencing, but like to think of you in the warmth of your glasshouse.

I love bamboo and shall be seeking out the black stemmed variety for T and G's garden.

Barry Parker said...

Teza, Good luck with your Bamboo. Mine took a while to settle in but now grows well without running ( so far). My South Asian and Caribbean neighbours can hardly believe that it survives here.

Barry Parker said...

Dear Edith, Thanks for following my site and I hope we can keep in touch. The black stemmed bamboo is, I think.Phyllostachys nigra which looks beautiful in the pictures I've seen. Mine is some form of P. aurea or maybe P.aureosulcata.

James Missier said...

Your Bamboo really is a hardy one.
I wonder whether its normal for bamboo's to survive as there are also bamboo's in China where there too it goes thru winter.

Do find the time to propagate more as you would have a lovely arrays of bamboo plants all over your garden.

As something as permenant as this, it surely look very grand - probably a few more varieties in your collection will be majestic.

Don't you think?

Barry Parker said...

Hi James, As you say, Bamboos do come from cold climates. The surprising thing about it is that it doesn't loose it's leaves until Spring as the new seasons leaves start to emerge.

This year I plan to divide my plant. My neighbour, originally from Vietnam, is very keen to have some.