Monday, February 15, 2010

Sage Border at Kew

Salvia greggii 'Cherry Chief'

Salvia greggii 'Lowrys Peach'

Salvia Boroder at Kew Autumn 2009

Salvia Border at Kew with Salvia leucantha in foreground

In the Autumn of 2009 I spent 48 hours in London and took the opportunity to visit Kew Gardens. One of the many things that impressed me was the long border planted with every species of Salvia imaginable, so much so, that I was bound to try and do a similar planting myself. This would have to be on a smaller scale, of course, as I live and garden on a small city lot. In fact, by comparison, much smaller, I was thinking a couple of containers devoted to the family Salvia.
Luckily I live within an hours drive of Richters Herbs and set out a few days ago along with friends Gayla(You Grow Girl), Davin and Johnny to escape the cold and spend a few hours in a warm greenhouse. I headed straight for the Salvia, of course, and made a start at collecting Salvias for the growing season. So far I've found Salvia greggii 'Cherry Chief', 'Big Pink' and 'Lowrys Peach', S.leucantha, and S. dorisiana. I hope to be able to post the progress of this planting over the next few months.


Jim, The Gaudy Garden said...

My favorite place in London is Kew. I first went to see the Henry Moore exhibit not really knowing what Kew was. OMG!!! I can't wait to see it again at peak season.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Jim, Thanks so much for following my postings.

Kew is a wonder isn't it? Although some say not as great as it used to be. Not enough new gardeners being trained etc. Can't say I noticed. The new Alpine house was a wonder.

I have to admit the alpine troughs were disappointing, found myself wanting to utter those words forbidden by Garden Visiting Etiquette " Mine are much better than that'. Well, in fact, I did say it , but in hushed tones to my closest friends.

Edith Hope said...

Dear Barry, If you are going to collect any perennials, whether together in a border or in containers, I cannot think of anything nicer than Salvias [apart from those horrid red jobs, Salvia splendens].

I very often underplant my main terrace border in the summer with Salvia discolor. This is a wondrous Salvia with silver foliage and near black flowers. I treat it as a half hardy annual.

Barry Parker said...

Dear Edith, I glad you agree that Salvias are worth growing. Salvia discolor is a wonderful plant , and was on my shopping list, but it was out of stock at Richters that day( I may go back for a second visit and get one).
I seem to remember that Powis Castle used a lot of sages, including S.discolor, in its signature basket weave pots.