Friday, February 12, 2010

Sempre Semperviviums

I love Semperviviums, hardly the most rare or unusual of plants, but some very choice forms can be found. I buy them anywhere I find them as the variety of colour,texture and size is seemingly endless.

The best place to buy them here in Southern Ontario is Cavendish Perennials ( they do mail order). They have an amazing selection of Semps. and also have other hardy succulents such as Jovibabas, Rosularias, Orostachys and Sedums.

Of course these plants look pretty sad this time of year but I'm posting some pictures of how they look in Spring.


TheGaudyGarden said...

These are very beautifully done. The colors and patterns are eyecatching.

Edith Hope said...

Dear Barry, I absolutely share your love of these 'houseleeks' as they are widely known in the UK. As you demonstrate, they are ideal in pots and pans and, generally, require little looking after. I grow some in much the same way as you do in the Alpine House where they stay looking good throughout the winter.

I once visited a house in Herefordshire [a county on the Welsh border] where the entire roof was covered in Sempervivum.

Teza said...

They truly are amazing are they not? I am hoping to build a tufa trough of sorts this year with the hort society and then start my own collection!

Thank you as always for your comment on my recent post 'Prejudice in Teza's Garden' indeed there are a select few annuals that make a perennial appearance - I love Cerinthe to bits. Yes, I too have in my possession the latest Thimble Farms catalogue - waiting for full time employment to send my first order off without worrying what I shall eat.

On a different note, you have mentioned Sir Cedric Morris in your last two communications. If you can lay your hands upon it, 'Hortus Revisited' has a splendid essay written my our beloved Beth, of which C is the subject. It is a wonderful anthology of some of the magazine's mosr erudite and enjoyable writing!

Barry Parker said...

Thank you all for those comments. I should mention that I am a Welshman based in Toronto( I guess this should be in my profile ) and that I am familiar with Herefordshire and love the counties on both side of the border. This is why in the past I have made reference to The Welsh Botanic Garden, Aberglasney and Cedric Morris ( perhaps one of the earliest and most openly Gay Gardener). I know the Article by Beth Chatto in Hortus ( apparently Frank Cabot supports this publication). And I am always pleased that she frequently speaks of Cedric in her books.

James Missier said...

I had tried few times with Semperv. and found very difficult to cultivate it. Not very sure what is the problem.

They just suddenly die and its just too late to revive them.

Barry Parker said...

James: perhaps your climate is too hot and humid. Have you tried Echevarias instead? They have a similar rosette structure and have a wide range of species and cultivars.

James Missier said...

I will check this Echevarias. Its quite quite difficult to note by their names as no one really put any labels or description on them.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Barry Parker said...

Good luck with those, James.