Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Sense of Perspective

I've got to get this tropical paradise thing in perspective and move on. Thinking back, I remember there were a lot of insect bites and it was difficult to get a decent espresso.
What else ? Oh yes, we found tarantulas in the upstairs rooms. The first was quite small( approx 1") and we managed to get it outside with the old glass and card technique, but the second one fell out of Davids' pant just as he was about to put them on! This was a big one ( 2'' to 3"). David trapped it in a glass bowl and kept it for a few days in his office before releasing it well away from the house.


TheGaudyGarden said...

Where were you? Uck!

Barry Parker said...

It was St. Lucia. It was very beautiful, but I'm trying to accentuate the negative and eliminate the positive to enable me to settle down back at home.

James Missier said...

Are tarantulas common in your place? I thought they were very much in the Amazons?

I can imagine when a spider as big as that fall in my pants (lol)

Wonder if you sell it in a pet shop (lol)

Barry Parker said...

Actually James, this was in St Lucia in the Caribbean. tarantulas are definitely not native in Canada.