Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clematis columbiana var. tenuiloba

Clematis Columbiana var. tenuiloba.

Clematis columbiana var. 'Ylva' grown in the greenhouse.

Clematis 'Ylva' grown outside in 2006.

Clematis columbiana var. tenuiloba is about to bloom in my greenhouse at the moment, I'm thrilled that it's done so well as it was a gift from my neighbour and plant enthusiast Erika. The form I have has pink/purple flowers, but this plant has a variety of colour from blue to purple.
I also have another form selected by Henrik Zetterland of the Botanic Garden in Gothenburg and named 'Ylva' after his daughter. Both these plants are North American in origin ranging from B.C. to Oregon and Colorado. They are hardy to zone 3 and are considered alpine variants of C. columbiana. I was interested to look back on photographs taken in 2006 of 'Ylva' in bloom after being wintered over in a trough, it seems to have performed much better given this treatment, looking more robust and with flowers larger and of a more intense blue. So perhaps the greenhouse is not the best way to treat this plant, and in future I'll find a space outside in one of my troughs for a more permanent planting.


Liz said...

Wow, such beautiful smallplants... I knew Clematis could come in smaller varieties... Just not quite this small!

Teza said...

These are wonderful selections - I think I prefer C.c 'Yiva' - and am especially drawn to the bottom photo - the tumbling effect over the slate [limestone?] is quite effective. I should like to experiment with this genus this year - too many years obsessing on C. heracleifolia - time to spice things up a bit! Thanks for the idea!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Liz,
C. columbiana var. tenuiloba is one of the smallest of the genus and is tough little thing.

Hi Teza,
I think you'll also be drawn to the species also. It has very finely cut foliage and generally more compact than 'Ylva'.
My original plant of 'Ylva' i brought back from Aberconwy Nursery in North Wales, I've got a couple of cuttings if you'd like one.

James Missier said...

I never seen a clematis before, its truly a lovely blue bell like flower.