Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Clematis x cartmanii 'Joe'

Another Clematis blooming in the greenhouse at the moment is C. cartmanii 'Joe' which is a hybrid of C. paniculata and C. marmoraria, the later these parent is among the 11 species native to New Zealand. In this climate they survive only by being wintered over in a greenhouse but enjoy the great outdoors Spring to Autumn.
The leaves are deep glossy green and finely dissected and the flowers are borne in a mass of semi-nodding blooms. The stems are non-clinging and can reach a length of 2m. To keep it compact I use a section of a tomato cage and weave the stems into a wreath held about 3" above the pot, the effect is very pleasing showing off the pure white blooms and the flush of green on the buds.


James Missier said...

very cute looking flower

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

Wow, so impressed you can weave your clematis into a wreath. I'll just be pleased if my clematis (I planted my first last spring) comes back next year!

Barry Parker said...

Hi James,
It is a wonderful plant and very rewarding this time of year.

Hi Liane,
I saw your post on 'Avalanche'. Quite a coincidence that we should both write about two closely related Clematis.