Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lilies of the Field

I haven't got much to say about these images except that I remember the name Xenia Field from my mothers women's magazines in the 50's. I picked up this little book attracted to it's neat little illustrations and stylish design of that period.


kilbournegrove said...

Beautiful little book, what great illustrations.

Sheila said...

It looks charming!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Deborah,
The illustrations are by Denise Brown. Reminds me of the woodcuts in Hortus.

Hi Sheila,
Glad you like the book. Thanks for your comment.

Sunita said...

Lovely illustrations!
I've never heard of the author before but I'm curious.... was the book a good read?

Edith Hope said...

Dear Barry, What a beautiful period piece. I love coming across these kinds of books which, as here, often contain really lovely illustrations usually by talented artists who are now long since forgotten.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Sunita,
You've caught me out there. I have to admit that i've treated this little book as an interesting found object. But I should try reading it.

Dear Edith,
You may be interested to know that inside the dust-jacket is a quote from Lady N. She writes "It will tell you all you want to know in simple comprehensive terms". I suppose she must have commented on it in her garden columns.