Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Lodgers

Asarum maximum 'Green Panda'

Eritrichium sp.

Ruschia sp.

I have an excellent arrangement with friend and neighbour Erika, she is, like me a complete Plant Geek with an impressive collection of plants grown in her tiny apartment and even tinier garden. The arrangement is that in return for space in my greenhouse during the winter, Erika looks after everything when I'm out of town. I call Erika's plants 'The Lodgers' and get great pleasure from observing them during their growing season in late winter.


The Gaudy Garden said...

I've never seen the first two. Amazing and unusual.

James Missier said...

The first picture look very unique.
Are they flowers at the bottom of the leaf stalks?

Sylvana said...

Definitely a win-win arrangement. These are some very interesting plants.

Barry Parker said...

Jim Sylvana and James,
Thanks for your comments. As you can see I'm fortunate see these unique plants develop during the winter months. Soon they'll be going home to sit on Erika's porch.

HappyMouffetard said...

Very pretty and unusual - you have expanded my plant knowledge!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Happy,
Glad to hear that you found these interesting. Giving these plants a winter home has expanded my plant knowledge too.

Teza said...

Eritrichium ssp - I have never heard of it before, but with blue flowers like these, I WANT one! Of course this means a greenhouse next doesn't it, but judging from the 'perks' that you are enjoying, it indeed looks like a win win situation! How perfect to have a companion-plantaholic as a neighbor.

Barry Parker said...

It is an excellent arrangement, I have someone I can trust to look after the greenhouse when I'm away and I can enjoy their plants when I'm at home.
The Erirtrichum is hardy actually and available from Wrightman Alpines, I believe it's a Borage relative. I think Erika wanted to keep it under glass to enjoy it earlier than it would usually bloom outside.