Monday, March 29, 2010

Open Gardens Toronto

On Sunday April 25th my garden will be open as part of Open Garden Toronto.
With missionary zeal I hope to demonstrate that there is much of garden interest in April, and to debunk the out-dated idea that the garden season starts here in Ontario on May 21st.
I will also be open on various dates throughout the season including October 3rd, which I hope will show that the garden season can be easily extended way beyond Labour Day.
For further information about Open Gardens Toronto and dates of my openings this year, click on link or email me ( at address in my profile).


The Gaudy Garden said...

How exciting. I always end up spending too much money getting the garden ready. Can't wait to see your progress

Barry Parker said...

I actually enjoy visits ( from enthusiastic gardeners anyway), I also like having the deadline to get things done, that would otherwise drag on for months.

kilbournegrove said...

Good for you Barry. You show gardeners that there are lots of colour before Victoria Day.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Deborah,
Too bad you;re not around on the weekends, however I hope you'll have time to drop by mid-week.