Monday, March 22, 2010


These may not be the showiest in the garden right now, but how moving it is, so early in the season, to come across these little plants from the Crassula family. Rhodiola is often lumped in with Sedum, but is in fact a separate genus of about 50 species of fleshy perennials with rhizomatous roots.
I wish I could name the species that I grow, but at the moment I have no record of them and my memory fails me completely. The one with the remarkable red/purple buds was a gift from a friend and this I must identify the next time I meet up with this generous donor. The other two I grew from seed from the Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society seed exchange and they too could eventually be identified. But even though I'm not on first name terms with these hardy little plants they have lifted my spirits with their determined return.


Bernie said...

Don't you just love those brave little plants that hang in there through thick and thin.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Bernie,
It's been a relatively mild winter here in Southern Ontario, but these plants have still had to brave some subzero weather. This year it was made worse by very little snow cover which would normally insulated the plants from the extreme cold.

James Missier said...

I wished I had that too. Its amazing to note all the different varieties of this kind.
Guess it must be quite hardy.

Barry Parker said...

Hi James,
Hardy here but in your climate probably too humid.