Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the Garden Today

Tulipa humilis 'Persian Pearl'

Jeffersonia dubia and Anemone nemerosa 'Virescens'

Dicentra spectabilis White Form

Lathyrus vernus


Is the Wiz said...

Just love that lathyrus. My Persian Pearls are still just buds, so thanks for the preview.
Re. previous comments, thanks for the info on John Grierson, and multiplex means a cinema with several screens here, so it's sold as S. canadensis floreplena.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Is,
The Persian Pearls are a bit of a mystery, I can't remember planting them, they just appeared this spring. It took me a while to identify them. Memory loss is always worrying, but it was a nice surprise.

homemade grits said...

i've never seen white dicentra. lovely!!! mine bloomed for the first time this year and it makes me so happy.

Barry said...


I love the foliage of A.n 'Virescens' and have added it to the ever burgeoning WIshlist. Out of curiosity, how large does the Dysosma [Podo] versipelle get? Noticed this while trolling Thimble Farms earlier this evening. Not sure if it is the same one planted in a display bed at LH or not.

Deborah has given me a wonderful intimate view of your garden. Unfortunately I have to work during the tour, so this was a wonderful substitute.... one day I hope to make it for a visit.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Homehade Grits,

Yes the White form of D, spectabilis is lovely. The foliage too is a lighter green making it a very elegant plant.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

I hope you can find time to visit soon. I can happily supply you with some Anemone Nemerosa "Virescens'. To be honest, I've had several Podophyllum in the garden over the years and this is the only survivor from that time, so I'm not absolutely sure it's versipelle. Anyway the plant I have is about 14' tall.