Thursday, April 15, 2010

Salix Vestita

Salix vestita in January

Salix vestita in March

Salix vestita early in April

Salix Vestita in mid- April

I've posted pictures of this lovely little willow before thinking it was at it's best, only to find, a few weeks later that it has moved on to another stage of growth and looking equally beguiling but in a different way. The truth is, that plants are beautiful at many stages of their life-cycle and our enjoyment of them is much prolonged as we witness this fascinating evolution..
I wish I could say that Salix vestita was endlessly beautiful, because as it goes into the hot and humid weather of summer it starts to look a little shabby. However, for now it is a show-stopper and always attracts attention from garden visitors.


Is the Wiz said...

Dear Barry, What a lovely little plant, I've noticed it before in your postings. Running down your sidebar is like a little film of Spring.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Iz,
It is lovely. I grow it in a small trough with two other small willows, Salix reticulata and one that I have yet to identify.
As you probably have noticed in my profile, my background is in animation, so I like the thought of my sidebar looking like a film.