Monday, May 24, 2010

Zoom in to Sunshine

Little trough filled with Delosperma congestum

Moving in tighter on Delosperma congestum

Close-up on Delosperma congestum

This afternoon took a friend to visit Erika in her garden. We were blown away by her collection of exquisite alpine troughs and native plants.
Coming into the garden, this little trough packed with Delosaperma, just glowed in the brilliant afternoon sun.


Is the Wiz said...

Saw this before I left for work and it brightened up my morning. Thanks for spreading a little sunshine and a neat lesson in close-ups.

bre said...

... the closest I get to this in my garden are the taraxacum officinales, a medicianal herbs (and also one I've used in food preparations). How lovely to see others appreciating these round sun-like half globe shaped flowerheads ... go smiley-face!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Is,
Glad it brightened your day.
There's no shortage of sunshine here at the moment. 28c and no sign of rain until monday.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Brenda,
A very amusing use of botanical latin.