Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clematis 'Cassis'

Stage one

Stage two

Stage three

Stage four

Stage five

Although I'm not always fond of double flowers, there are a few exceptions, one of them is Clematis 'Cassis'. In Clematis on the Web it's parentage is described as "C. Venosa violacea X unknown" but C. florida var flore-plena must also be part of the mix.
Clematis on the Web also mentions that 'Cassis' is variable depending on growing conditions, sometimes it is a bi-clour with strong central bars, but I'm glad that my conditions give it this wonderfully textured purple veining that develops in intricacy as it ages. I've broken it down into five stages, in these pictures, but it just as well might be ten or twenty, depending on how closely you may want it to be observed.


Bernie said...

It is a real beauty! It was great to see the sequence as the bloom opened ... lovely photos.

Is the Wiz said...

I do like that delicate veining, interesting to read about how clematis are variable. I saw one yesterday, "Josephine", which was a lovely shell pink, quite unlike its picture label, and expected "Cassis" to be blackcurrant coloured.

James Missier said...

so lovely.
Even at each stage - the all look so different & beautiful.

Lorraine said...

'Cassis' is breathtakingly beautiful. How high does it climb? Where do you grow it in your garden?