Friday, June 4, 2010

Michel's Garden

Michel's Garden

Rodgersia flowers close up

Erodium manescavii

Michel's garden is L shaped and wraps around the rear and side of his apartment in Notre Dame de Grace in Montreal. He is always despairing about the condition of the garden as if to prepare you for the worse, but one is inevitably met with the lovely green tapestry of carefully chosen foliage plants. It is a small space, but Michel is not afraid to use big plants; the most impressive feature is an enormous Hosta nigrescens 'Eliator', a giant of the genus, that has an almost tropical feeling to this zone 5 garden.


Is the Wiz said...

That looks good enough to eat. I also really like the way Michel has used paving slabs, it's set me thinking.

Barry Parker said...

Yes, inexpensive concrete pavers. Beige with a contrasting black border.. looks really good.

Clement Kent said...

feuillage fantastique! kudos to the gardener....Clement