Friday, June 11, 2010

South African Celebration

Sparaxis tricolor

Pelargonium x zonarctic

Ornithogalum dubium

Rhodohypoxis baurii

Helichrysum 'Country Park Silver'

Clivia miniata

This morning I found that some Sparaxis flowers had opened on the very day of the opening of the World Cup in South Africa, not deeply symbolic, but a nice coincidence. It occurred to me to make note of other South Africans that are currently in bloom in the garden.
Choosing only those in flower, I found Pelargonium x zonarctic ( which as far as I can gather refers to zonal pelargoniums crossed with a species). I grew this from seed and this year for the first time it has bloomed; it turns out to be a lovely large white flower with red and pale green markings. There is something very satisfying about growing species and close to species pelargoniums, their interesting structure and subtle flowers are fascinating. Check out Matt Mattus for some more images of this genus.
Other South Africans include Helichrysum 'Country Park Silver' ( hardy here in a trough for the last 5 years), Ornithogalum dubium, Rhodohypoxis baurii and Clivia miniata.


Bernie said...

What a lovely selection of flowers. That pellie is gorgeous ... but I so love your Clivia!

Edith Hope said...

Dear Barry, Although, as you may possibly imagine, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the World Cup, I do know that it is taking place in South Africa and I think that the idea behind your posting is both original and fun.

Barry Parker said...

Dear Edith,
I'm not much of a sports enthusiast myself, but I do love the flora of S. Africa.