Friday, June 25, 2010

Talinum calycinum

Talinum calycinum close up of flower

Talinum calycinum

Talinum calycinum is in the portulaca family and is native to North America. Hardy to zone 4, it is deciduous and disappears after the first frost but survive as a succulent rootstock under ground. In the summer months it rises from tufts of succulent leaves on long wire like stems, and opening in the late afternoon in billows of brilliant magenta flowers.


Is the Wiz said...

Dear Barry, This looks just the sort of flower I really like. Wonder why we never see it over here?

James Missier said...

Notice this Talinum flower is large.
I have one - Jewel of Opar and they occasionally grace my garden with tiny bunches of little flowers
in the midst of all the mess and untidiness.

Clement Kent said...

Lovely plant, Barry! The picture of the succulent leaves at the Missouri Botanical Garden site is interesting. Their photos show a much pinker bloom than yours. Is yours a selected variety or is this natural variation?
- Clement Kent

Barry Parker said...

Dear Iz,
Interesting to know that this is unavailable in the UK.
It's in the Portulaca family, and seeds around freely. I could send you some seeds if you'd like.

Barry Parker said...

Hi James,
Jewel of Opar is a wonderful plant isn't it. The multi-coloured seeds are amazing.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Clement,
The plants in this pot are some of many generations of seedlings from one plant I bought years ago, and so far there has been no variations of colour.