Friday, July 30, 2010

Amicia zygomeris

Amicia during the day.

Amicia at dusk when leaves close for the evening.

Amicia zygomeris is a tender plant from Mexico, I winter it over in the greenhouse and plant it out in the Spring. It has heart shaped leaves and stipules that gradate from purple to green, making it an interesting accent of texture and colour amongst other plant forms. It also has the habit of closing it's leaves at night and I was reminded of this when reading about Cassia marilandica in the recent post in Teza's Garden.


Edith Hope said...

Dear Barry, Now, for me, we are dealing here with a totally unknown quantity. However, judging from your picture it is rather splendid and clearly you have somewhere to overwinter it.

Barry Parker said...

Dear Edith,
Not a very common plant and one that I saw first in a British gardening magazine. I even had trouble identifying it at first and it remained on my 'must=have list for many years, finally a friend of mine tracked it down (probably in the U.S. ) and gave me one of the three he managed to find, Over wintering has been no problem so far, it goes completely dormant and I keep it in my cold greenhouse (no lower than 5 degrees C). I'm always surprised when it comes back to life as I tend to ignore throughout the winter.