Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Agave Theatre

Agave Theatre.
Looking diagonally at top shelf.

Newly acquired Agave species.

The view coming up from the second floor.

I finally have completed a long planned summer home for my Agave, it's situated on the deck leading off the third floor of my house.
It's a perfect place for them as it has long days of bright light throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall, except that previously, they were scattered about on various make-shift shelves, tables and benches and I need a place where I could gather them together.
The solution was a shelving arrangement inspired by the 'theatres' built for Primula auricula. I think the result is very pleasing, and now that they are all displayed in one place it has created a surprising amount of space for sitting and sunning and enjoying a drink in the cool of the evening, I may even be able to sleep out there on hot summer nights.


kilbournegrove said...

I love it!!!
I didn't realize you had so many different varities, they are gorgeous.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Deborah,

Glad you like it. You'll have to drop around and see it up close soon.

It is a big family and there are lots of crosses and cultivars, many difficult to identify. My most recent acquisition as far as I can find is called Agave sp. FO 076, not a name to capture the imagination. It is thought to be a form of A.titanota

Edith Hope said...

Dear Barry,
An absolute triumph!!

What drama there is in your Agave theatre and all so beautifully constructed.

I love the paint colour, I love the staging, I love the terracotta pots [similar but not identical gives more interest], I love the view from inside the house.....I love it all. Such a clever idea and now you can sleep amongst the Agaves [not literally of course!!] whilst looking at the stars.

Barry Parker said...

Dear Edith,
I'm so glad you approve of this project. I have to admit to being rather proud of it myself.
I think that next I should do a post on some of the individual plants.

gardenbre said...

you would think someone would have wanted to '86' the FO if not the 076 ... a real sparkling addition to the collection though

Elsie Xie said...

Your succulents are in robust good health. What impresses me most is that the whole ensemble is so neat and tidy. Well done!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Elsie, Thanks for your comment and thanks also for following my site.

p.s. I love Malaysia, especially the cities of the west coast, Georgetown, KL and Mallacca.

Jasmine said...

Lovely use of agaves, you might want to check out my site www.pieces-zine.com to learn more about these plants! If you have any input on what else it could be used for or just want to peruse, that'd be great.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for the comment. I'll be doing another post on Agave this afternoon, so I'll do a link to the site you suggested.