Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cyclamen Leaves

Cyclamen graecum

At this time of year the Cyclamen begin to emerge, but in a number of different ways according to the species. C. hederifolium is heavily in bloom at the moment, but the foliage has yet to fully appear. C. coum is stirring and showing just a few leaves and will soon put on a spectacular display of foliage throughout the winter and into the Spring, when it also comes into bloom. C. graecum and C. mirabile are already showing off their fine foliage and blooming at the same time.
In all the species the foliage is endlessly variable, the C. graecum shown here were until this summer all growing in the same pot, now that they are divided into their own container, I have the pleasant task of selecting the best forms to be potted up into larger pots and grown on as specimen plants.

The leaves and flowers of Cyclamen mirabile emerge simultaneously.

Selection of Cyclamen mirabile.


Barry Parker said...

Dear Edith,

I would rather hope that you would be lulled into sleep by images of cyclamen jumping over fences.
Glad to hear that you enjoyed the post.

Barry Parker said...

Dear Edith,

Your comment was published and then deleted... not sure what happened. Anyway, thanks for the comment, I, at least, was able to read it.

Barry said...

A wonderful genus that so many think stops with the grocer store species, when in reality the perennial form is much more beguiling and delightful. Definitely a 'must increase presentation' chore for 2011. The photos of the foliage are truly mesmerizing!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,
I's been wonderful growing them from seed, having a large number of plants to select as specimen plants, to plant out in the garden and give away to friends