Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have always enjoyed growing Lithops, some of my best plants I've raised from seed and the whole process from germination to growing on to maturity has been very rewarding. However I haven't had great luck getting them to bloom, so image my delight today to find this sparkling yellow flower on one of my plants.
I'm not sure what I did to get it to bloom, it has spent the summer in the greenhouse and then for the last few months outside, but under the eves of the south facing kitchen. Perhaps the heavy rain we had a few days ago was heavy enough to reach the sheltered spot and trigger this flowering ? I hope it will still be open tomorrow for my Open Garden.


Is the Wiz said...

Congratulations! And as always, you've given it a lovely setting with the pebbles. Good luck on your open day, oh to be in the land of the maple leaf now autumn's underway.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Isobel,

Thanks so much. I wish you were here too, it would be great to see you turn up amongst my other visitors.

Autumn colours are only just starting.
This is definitely the place to be in the Fall. And not just for the colours, but also the weather; warm sunny days and cool nights ( great for sleeping, as they say here) and best of all clean clear air without humidity.

gardenbre said...

beautiful - i recently saw my first lithop bloom on-line - white petals with a yellow center - maybe it's that time of the year?

Barry Parker said...

Hi Brenda,

I think your right. September is the time to start watering them yo bring them out of dormancy.