Thursday, October 7, 2010

Begonia sutherlandii

Begonia sutherlandii going into dormancy.

Bulbils forming on the leaf axils.

Bulbil complete with leaves and roots.

Begonia sutherlandii in its prime.

I've just come across a post on a gardeners chat site from someone who calls themselves 'Bigoniac'. I can sympathize with this condition as I could very easily become manic about this family of plants myself. However, I have been unusually disciplined, deciding that I just don't have the space to go whole hog on another plant collecting jag. I have allowed myself only one and that is Begonia sutherlandii. In its prime it has fresh pale green leaves with red veins and stems, it blooms most of the summer with lovely pale orange flowers.
As it approaches Autumn, as if sensing the need to survive, it produces fascinating little bulbils at the juncture of the leaves and stems. This year they seem to be particularly well developed, having formed leaves and roots on the tiny bulbs.


Edith Hope said...

Dear Barry, This is indeed fascinating. The new plants are so perfect and yet so tiny. Little miracles in the making!

Barry Parker said...

Dear Edith,
I'm not sure what triggers the formation of these bulblets, some years they've been tiny and almost invisible. This year they seem to have been on steroids! They are the largest I've ever seen them and never before with leaves and roots.

Elsie Xie said...

Your Begonia illustrates the amazing ways in which Mother Nature brings about renewal.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Elsie,
Thanks for your comment. Luckily for you, Begonias grow all year round in Malaysia.