Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Helleborus niger 'Praecox'


Dejemonos sorprender said...

Beautiful picture of this flower.. I have not seen before.. i liked..

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there .. that is a gorgeous picture of the hellebor .. I am a fan of these beauties too : )

Barry Parker said...

Hi Ds,
Glad you like this plant. It is incredibly hardy and is in bloom now and survives sub-zero temperatures.

Barry Parker said...

Hello Joy,
I get great pleasure out of these too. And aren't those early blooms welcome after our severe winters.

Burningrome said...

Fantastic photo. Love the blog - especially as it gives me a sense of what's possible in Toronto city gardens (i.e. tiny) and microclimates (I'm just on the other side of High Park, in Swansea). Keep it going! One practical question - where do you get Hellebores? Don't really see them in the catalogs.

Barry Parker said...

Hello Burningrome,
Always glad to hear from a fellow gardener in the "banana-belt" south of Bloor.
H.niger 'Praecox' seems to be the earliest to flower in this part of the world. And I hope mine will continue to bloom right into Spring ( with a little protection of light mulch).
As for buying Hellebores, that is a bit of a tricky question; they are readily available from garden centres and nurseries, but since these don't open to the public until April, I find that the hellebores are often past their best. Since they are all unique, it's better to choose your plant when it's first in bloom. For that reason, I may be organizing a Hellebore sale early next Spring. I'll let you know is that happens.

turner7 said...


lovely hellebores...I just planted H. niger 'Praecox' and hope to see a similar scene on a year or two...

About where to find hellebores, there is a nursery called Phoenix Perennials near Vancouver, BC which has a great selection. Every year they have a hellebore event, called the 'Hellebore Hurrah' and carry probably the largest selection of hellebore varieties in the country, from some of the top breeders in North America. The nursery is just about to begin mail order business as well. Check out their website

Jo Turner

PS I work for them on a part-time basis, and give a few workshops.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Jo,

What a coincidence, I was just looking at the Pheonix site this morning. I was most impressed and would certainly try to visit when I'm out west again. The other coincidence is the fact that after years of being disappointed by the availability of Hellebores here in Southern Ont. I'm organizing a similar event called "Hellebores Galore"... this all happens next weekend April 2 and 3.
A bit nerve-wracking really, as we had a late snowstorm yesterday that took us by surprise. Wish us luck!