Monday, January 3, 2011

Happiness ( in January) is a Cool Greenhouse

Forget the warm gun, in January, happiness is a cool greenhouse. At around 5C the climate in my greenhouse is pleasant and perfect for many plants that like the short days and cool spring-like weather. Right now I have Narcissus romieuxii in bloom as well as Amaryllis 'Evergreen'. In the warmth of the house the life of these flowers can be so fleeting, but in this cool environment, both last for weeks.
The weather outside is frightful but the greenhouse is so delightful.... let it snow!

A single flower of Narcissus romieuxii.

A pot of Narcissus romieuxii, I'm happy to see that these bulbs have bulked up from last year and have produced twice as many flowers.

Amaryllis 'Evergreen'.


Is the Wiz said...

What a lovely narcissus, such a beautiful form and colour. And how hardy is that agave? Best wishes for 2011.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Isobel,
The Narcissus are wonderful to have at this time of the year, I also have N. cantabricus in a pot and ready to bloom at any moment. I'll post a picture of them when that happens.

The Agaves can take a fair amount of cold but only for a short time. Three of those I left out in that late December, survived this rather cruel treatment. But only after I'd rushed them into the house.

All the best for 2011.

fer said...

Beautiful flower! love the shape, it reminds me a sea creature from some reason tho.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Fer,
Thanks for your comment. Plant life is so valuable at this time of the year.

Clement Kent said...

Hi Barry - love the pictures as usual, but this time text is displaying as black on a dark reddish brown background which is hard to read. Is it my computer or does everyone see this?


Barry Parker said...

Hi Clement,

Thanks for the feed-back, I think the background may be too dark ( although I would describe it as grey rather than brown). I'll adjust it right away.