Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Garden

Last Summer I built some shelves to stage my collection of Agave, I was very pleased with the results and the plants thrived in the bright light on the third floor deck where they got maximum light, unobstructed by the shade of trees and other buildings.
Looking out now it's hard to remember those long warm days, as the Agaves are moved indoors, under lights or in a bright window, and shelves are now covered in 20 cm of snow. Three horizontal bands of snow have replaced the Agave collection and in their own way have a stark, if somewhat minimalist beauty, however I'm glad to be indoors in this weather and happy to observe this from the warmth of the house.

Inside, looking out at the third floor deck.

The same view in the Summer, with the doors wide open

The Agave in their Winter resting place.

The larger Agaves sit in the window, while the smaller plants are wintered over under lights.

The same point of view in the Summer, when the doors are permanentlt left open.


Paul C said...

What a wonderful idea. Your collection is stunning and it looks like they like their winter home just fine.

Barry said...

A wonderful post that only heightens the notion that I need to have a few Agaves to keep me company this winter - a trip to Belgian Nurseries is on the near horizon. Your collection is awe inspiring to say the least!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Paul,
They like their winter home , but being outside is what they like best. Hope you can drop by and see these plants when you're in Toronto next.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,
Agaves are the best, but I seem to enjoy any plant that forms a rosette .. that includes sempervivums, aloes and many other succulents.
I've heard a lot about Belgian Nurseries.. that might make a good field trip this winter.

Appalachian Feet said...

Your agave collection is unbelievable! I wonder if you'd consider submitting a post about it (maybe the most recent one you wrote) for How to Find Great Plants. The deadline is tomorrow (1/28/2011) at midnight. Here's the link: