Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Last weekend at 'Get a Jump on Spring', an annual event at the Toronto Botanical Gardens, I was able to purchase some used books at extraordinarily reasonable prices.
On top of that I was offered a 'freeby' with my purchase, choosing from a pile of old gardening magazines and other ephemera. My eye fell on this pamphlet from the Edinburgh Botanic Garden published in 1964 and with this lovely cover, typical of the graphic design and illustration of that time.


Is the Wiz said...

Well. if you're ever in the neighbourhood, it's worth a visit and I'd be delighted to take you round (tho' I'm even more partial to the Glasgow Botanics, my home turf).

Barry Parker said...

Hi Isobel,

I might take you up on that some time. I'll be in the UK in September but mostly in South Wales and Wye Valley.