Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm at a loss for words to say about what is happening in Japan. I decided to look through my photographs to see if I could focus on a something that would convey my sadness at the terrible disaster that has beset this country.
I came up with these two, the first is Murin-an, an exquisite private garden in Kyoto that once belonged to a Meiji era statesman. It was built in 1891 and after the owners death in 1922, it was donated to the City of Kyoto and is now protected as a cultural asset.
The second picture, a detail of a bamboo fence was also taken in Kyoto at the Ryoan-ji temple, the site of the most famous Zen Garden.
I hope that between these two pictures I can express the qualities of the people of Japan, their love of the natural world and the ability to interpret that beauty in the making of everyday objects that fill their lives. The bamboo fence I hope will demonstrate their ingenuity, creativity and strength.


Bamboo screen.


Barry said...

My heart aches for the devestation that the Japanese people are facing. I have always hoped to visit Japan, their gardens, learn more of their culture, and see if I could discover their zen-like peace amd tranquility in a world that seems to wait for nobody. Your photos instill winith me that very peaceful, reflective sentiment.

Barry Parker said...

Thanks Barry, I think I'll do a (less wordy) post script to that post.

Jan said...

thank you Barry