Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Rant

This is how I imagine the conversation between the Florist and the Grower/ Supplier:

Florist: Oh that's nice. What's it called?


Florist: Oh no! My clients could never handle such a difficult word.

Grower: Well, the bulb mix that I grew them from was called "Twinkling Stars".

Florist: Perfect! That's what we'll call it.

And so the this lovely little South African, which like all plants, has a life cycle that is fascinating to observe, gets called 'Twinkling Stars' and is dumbed down and turned into a commodity that can be easily disposed of when it looses it's bloom.
To be fair, the label does bare the title 'Rhodohypoxis' but it also describes the plant as "Living Decor".

To the proprietor and staff of the Florist shop I would like to say, put some thought into your Hort and add some flourish to your floristry.


Barry said...

Your rant needs to be heard by more people! I run into the same problem year after year, the 'dumbing down' mentality, especially where tags are concerned. I prefer the white tags, no photo with botanical latin and the necessary requirements but am constantly being told people need to see a picture! Is this the response to the adage that a picture speaks a thousand words. Perhaps. In the age before photoshop and the like! I think we need to form a support group in the area!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

I am concerned about the novice gardener/grower who will get little information from these tags or the vendor.
Thankfully, there is the internet.