Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Observations on Wednesday


The Sage Butterfly said...

Lovely! Those photos are so well done.

Barry said...

I love the contrast between the Lamium and Geranium, and the delicate airiness of the Epimedium is a wonderful visual contrast. Is the lovely lime green flower Anemonella by chance of Ranunculus? Whichever, it has won my heart hands down!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Sage B,
Thanks so much. Glad to hear that you enjoyeed the pictures.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

These accidental or spontaneous pairings of plants are so much more pleasurable than the planned ones. It would make an interesting posting ( maybe next Wednesday??).

You are right, the lime green flower is an Anemonella. I got it from Thimble Farm almost a decade ago and have since forgotten it's name. We must arrange a visit sometime as I would love to give you some of this plant.

kaya said...

From city to suburbs from apartment to house. All I knew about gardening was the florist or my cactus.
Now I have started taking an interest and at times seem overwhelmed with the simplest thing.
Arrived on your blog looking for basic gardening tips.
The pics are lovely and that lime green flower simply refreshing.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Kaya,

Glad you like the lime green flower ( a double form of Anemonella). It's one of my favourites too.